Simplicity Linux 14.10 Early Access is now open!

As we promised, we are now opening our Early Access programme.  It’s really simple, and free.  Just choose which version of Simplicity Linux 14.10 you want, and “pay” with a tweet, a Facebook status update, a comment on Linkedin, or a post on Google+.

And if you’re not sure which version to go for – Netbook is our cut down version with more web based apps than local apps, Desktop is our full featured version, and X is our experimental version.

Download Simplicity Linux Netbook 14.10:

Download Simplicity Linux Desktop 14.10:

Download Simplicity Linux X Edition 14.10:

Putting the finishing touches to Simplicity Linux 14.10, Early Access this week.

So, we have decided that we’re going to make Simplicity Linux available a week early for those fans who can’t wait to try out Simplicity 14.10.  Last time, we asked for $1 for those who wanted Early Access.  This time we don’t want money.  We want a Tweet, or a Facebook status update, or a shout out on Google+ or maybe even let your friends on LinkedIn know about Simplicity Linux.  Everything will be up by the end of the week, ready for you to Tweet, Facebook, +1 or do whatever they do on LinkedIn about us, and in return you will get a shiny new ISO image of Simplicity Linux 14.10.  But for now, here is a screenshot of Desktop 14.10:

desktop1410finalOne of the biggest difference you will find is that we’ve worked on file associations.  So documents should open in LibreOffice Writer rather than Abiword (which has been removed), Drawings in LibreOffice Draw rather than Inkscape Lite (which has been removed).  We’ve also included VLC 2.15 as promised.  And we’ve looked for amazing wallpapers so that your version of Simplicity Linux looks beautiful.

VLC 2.15 will feature in Simplicity Desktop 14.10

Here at Simplicity Linux, we love VLC.  It’s a great bit of Open Source software – it will play almost anything, encodes really well, streams, and deals with DVD/Blu-Ray, audio, and video files.

But why are we shouting about VLC?  Well, we had a comment requesting the latest version be made available in Desktop 14.10.  Great, except the latest version is 2.15 and the version in the Slacko repos is 2.12.  And as part of our “eat your own dog food” attitude, if we can grab something from the Slacko repos, we do.  I mean, isn’t that what repos in Linux are for?

Instead, we grabbed the latest version for Slackware, satisfied the dependencies, and came up with this:


This is what feedback does.  We’re also looking into Netflix pretty much daily, something else which was requested – and I think would be pretty cool to have!

We are at Oggcamp 2014!

As the title says, we’re at Oggcamp 2014!  If anyone wants to come up and talk to us, please do.  I promise I don’t bite and I’m really friendly.  You’ll find me wearing a Simplicity Linux t-shirt or look for David Purse on my name tag.  We’re here for the party tonight and for all of tomorrow.

Oh, and we recorded a small interview for Hacker Public Radio today!  Just a little bit about why we come to OggCamp, Simplicity Linux and what my wife does when she isn’t nagging me to do PR :p And we might do more stuff for them too in the future.

Simplicity Linux 14.10 Beta is now available for download!

We are pleased to announce that the beta images for Simplicity Linux are available.  These releases use LXDE as for the window manager and ship with the 3.15.4 kernel and come in Netbook (cloud based apps), Desktop (local apps) and Subdivision (Windows XP style desktop) editions.  We have tested these images on hardware as low as a 900mhz Intel Atom with 1gb RAM.

Netbook 14.10 Beta – 340.7mb
MD5: bc056f831ee5574f91ca1f5449a9c5f1

Desktop 14.10 Beta – 570.8mb
MD5: 13690de0d1a58c16995c0d8068ef1647

Subdivision 14.10 Beta – 575.8mb
MD5: b62d317a8c1751e86c76f412480b0895

Simplicity Linux 14.10 Netbook and Desktop Alphas now available

So, after a bit of a delay, the Simplicity Linux 14.10 Netbook and Desktop Alphas are now available to download.  All versions of Simplicity Linux 14.10 Alpha are using the 3.15.4 kernel and is based on Slacko 5.9.3.

As usual, Netbook is aimed at users who tend to do things online, but still want a pretty and professional looking desktop.  It runs LXDE as the Window Manager, has Wbar as a dock, and comes complete with Firefox and TOR browser.  You can download it from  It is 339.6mb and has an MD5sum of 2ee68aa015f51776c020418919b81d74

Desktop 14.10 Alpha is aimed at users who want a full featured desktop Linux.  It comes complete with LibreOffice, WINE, Java, VLC and a host of other applications.  As with Netbook, it also comes with Firefox and TOR browser built in, uses LXDE and Wbar.  You can download it at  It is 607.7mb and has an MD5sum of   48a69ced53e4dd32cb0db8c11fefa99f

We hope you enjoy using these images, but please bear in mind they are Alpha releases so they may be unstable, could have bits and pieces which won’t end up in the final release and may contain nuts and other allergens.

Slight delay in Simplicity 14.10 Alpha releases

You might have noticed that we haven’t been too active on this site lately – that is because we had a catastrophic problem here: nothing was booting, according to the error messages, due to problems with the processor in our production machine and with our backup machine out on loan to a family member.  These problems have been fixed now but unfortunately it has pushed back the release schedule a little bit.

We’re working furiously on playing catchup, and hopefully in the next couple of days there should be Alpha releases.

Work begins on Simplicity Linux 14.10!

So, it’s just a week since Simplicity Linux 14.7 launched and we’re already hard at work on Simplicity 14.10.

At the moment we’re going with the 3.15.4 kernel, although we may upgrade to a newer version later.  And we’re also trying to fix the PAE/non-PAE problem that we know frustrates a lot of users.

There isn’t a lot else to say about it right now, because it’s still in a really rough state, we’ve basically got it running, with the UI laid out in a state we can work from.  For now, here is a screenshot.

1410screenshotAnd we’re planning to keep you up to date on the development of Simplicity 14.10.  And of course if you’ve got any feedback, suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear them!

Simplicity Linux 14.7 is now available free to everyone!

First of all to everyone who donated $1 or more to Simplicity Linux during our Early Access programme, thank you!  You are all very awesome.

And now for our releases.  Simplicity Linux 14.7 is now available for everyone to download for free.

Obsidian 14.7: 187.8mb (MD5:ec4e875d0cc41baddb52004dde0a8ed7)
Obsidian is our cut down version, pretty  much just Firefox 30, a network manager and not a lot else.  If you just use your computer to browse the Internet and not a lot else, Obsidian is great.

Netbook 14.7: 403.3mb (MD5:75187e8f7d8eafc85642e25c5e3c021a)
Netbook is our lightweight edition of Simplicity Linux.  It has a few local apps, but most of the hard work is done by cloud based apps.  It also features an assistant called Kai Says, which is a little like Siri.

Desktop 14.7: 687.9mb (MD5:cdc4d60a3a6c5cbfffa5b87d65efaf39)
Desktop is our heavyweight release.  It features OpenOffice, Skype, Dropbox, and a lot of other software.  If you do more with your operating system, this is the release for you.

Subdivision 14.7: 721.4mb (MD5:27de8c5987a70c99f99358f9c4cbac40)
If you’re used to using Windows but it annoys you, Subdivision is designed for you.  It comes with OpenOffice, Firefox, Java, Flash, and a Minecraft installer, so you can begin playing familiar games on Linux straight out the box.

We had a lot of fun working on these releases, and we hope you enjoy using them.  And of course, if you really, really liked it, please consider donating!

Simplicity Linux 14.7 Early Access is back (and working)

So, after a really bad launch, we have (hopefully) fixed all the issues with Simplicity Linux Early Access.  For some reason downloads were cutting off early, giving people bad downloads.  We now have a new storage provider (ADrive), we’ve checked the MD5Sums (they match) and everything should be okay.  Refunds and new links have been supplied to those who already donated, and if there is anything else we can do, please get in touch.

The new links are here:

Obsidian 14.7 Early Access:

Subdivision 14.7 Early Access:

And again, we are really sorry for all the mess.