SourceForge next week and OggCamp 15 this weekend!

So, whilst travelling to OggCamp 15, I got an e-mail from SourceForge informing me that Simplicity Linux is going to be a featured project of the week next week.  I wanted to give a massive thank you to all the people who downloaded Simplicity over the last week, you are all awesome!  The project of the week announcement blew me away, but so did the download stats.  6500 in one day.  Again, thanks to everyone who downloaded Simplicity, it’s seeing people use it and seeing feedback in the comment section which drives me to keep working on Simplicity.

And as I skimmed over earlier, I am at OggCamp 15 this weekend, so if you see a fat, scruffy guy with a goatee and a Simplicity Linux t-shirt on and you fancy a chat, come over and talk.  I don’t bite and I love talking technology with like minded people.  And if you have no idea what an OggCamp is, it’s a 2 day unconference in Liverpool where Open Source and Linux geeks can hang out, talk to like minded folks, attend talks, do talks, and go to workshops to build robots.  And they have a Nerf firing range this year.  And a free party this evening.  If you’re in the UK, have even the faintest interest in Linux, and have some free time, you should come!

Simplicity Linux 15.10 is now available to download!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Simplicity Linux 15.10. Due to some issues users were finding with the 64 bit edition of Simplicity 15.7, we’ve decided to put our 64 bit releases on hiatus until we can resolve the issue.

The two 32 bit bit editions of Simplicity 15.10 both feature the 4.1.1 Linux kernel and are based on the excellent LXPup. LXDE is used as the desktop, and wbar is used as a dock for preinstalled software and features.

Netbook is our lightweight edition, which comes with fewer local apps and more cloud based applications. It’s a good starting point for anyone who might feel intimidated by Linux or people with older hardware.

Desktop features more local software, such as LibreOffice and Thunderbird for handling office tasks and e-mail. It is the edition we personally use on our production machine as it’s more fully featured.

And for the adventurous, we have X. X this time around has an older kernel, 3.4.94, but comes with the LXQT desktop, and a host of locally installed apps including WINE. This is our experimental version which we use as a testing ground for new features. It may not be complete or fully work, but it will also give you a flavour of what to expect in the future.

Download links to the Simplicity Linux 15.10 ISO images can be found below:

Simplicity Linux 15.10 Netbook

Simplicity Linux 15.10 Desktop

Simplicity Linux 15.10 X Edition

A fix for non booting 15.7 Desktop 64 bit Edition

Updated: We have fixed this issue, you can now downloading Desktop 64 bit here.

So, we screwed up and missed menu files from Desktop 64 bit.  We’re really sorry about this!  We’ve fixed the issue now and are uploading a new ISO as I type this.  However, for those who have downloaded the broken image and don’t want to download a whole new ISO, there is a fix; courtesy of our amazing user James Johnson.

If you type lxpup into the prompt which comes up, Simplicity Desktop 64 Bit Edition will boot just fine.

Again, sorry to the people who downloaded 64 Bit Desktop and found nothing but a blinking terminal prompt!


Simplicity Linux 15.7 available on Sourceforge

After having some issues with Sourceforge when we originally launched 15.7, we have finally uploaded the latest release to Sourceforge and have updated the links in the original post. But if you are really eager you can find them below:

Desktop Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Desktop Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

X Edition 15.7

Simplicity Linux 15.7 now available for download!

We are very pleased to announce Simplicity Linux 15.7!

Our two main editions Netbook and Desktop are available for 32 or 64 bit processors.  The 32 bit version comes with the 4.0.4 kernel, and the 64 bit version comes with the 4.0.2 kernel.

Netbook Edition, our light-weight version of Simplicity Linux comes preinstalled with Google Chrome and focuses on cloud based applications rather than locally installing them to allow people with older computers to give them new life.

Desktop Edition is for users who want a fully featured distro; it contains more local applications such as Spotify, LibreOffice, and Thunderbird and it could easily become your everyday OS.

And if you are feeling a bit adventurous you might want to give our experimental version, X Edition a try, available only for 32 bit processors it comes with the 4.1.1 kernel and even though some features may not be complete, this is our testing ground and you will get to test awesome features that might make it to our main editions in the future.

All editions of Simplicity Linux are based on LXPup.

Download links to the images to the Simplicity Linux 15.7 release can be found below.
Due to Sourceforge’s current uploading issues, we have temporarily uploaded them to, but they will be transferred to Sourceforge as soon as the issues have been fixed.

Fixed it! You can now download all images of Simplicity Linux 15.7 from Sourceforge as usual. Sorry for the blip!

Desktop Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Desktop Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

X Edition 15.7

Simplicity Linux 15.7 Beta is now available

Simplicity Linux 15.7 Beta is now available to download.  It is based on the fantastic LXPup and uses LXDE as its desktop.  All versions come with the 4.0.2 kernel and as usual Simplicity is split into two editions, Netbook and Desktop.  There is no 64 bit version of Desktop, because we had some issues, but this will be resolved for the release edition.  It should also be noted that these are beta releases, so some things may change, be removed, and other things may be added.  It’s a stable, working version, but still unfinished and rough around the edges.

Netbook Edition is our cut down version which features mostly cloud based apps.  It is available in 32 and 64 bit editions.
32 Bit Edition

64 Bit Edition
MD5: 3cb6bd3b5f61b27fe0e5adb245541256
Size: 408.0mb

Desktop is our more fully featured edition and comes with Chrome, LibreOffice, VLC, Thunderbird, Spotify, and more.
32 Bit Edition
MD5: fdc7562637be0479a251aada1276e08a
Size: 596.9mb

Simplicity 15.7 will be available as a release edition at the end of July.

An announcement about Simplicity Linux 15.7 Alpha

Unfortunately, due to receiving a head injury at work, the alpha of Simplicity Linux 15.7 is going to be delayed a little.  Long story short, a couple of weeks ago a heavy metal shelf fell and hit me in the head, which cut my head open and left me feeling not particularly great for most of that time.  I’m feeling a lot better now though, and working hard on the alpha releases.

Whilst they won’t be out on time, I think it’s important that I do put them out, because the feedback I get (“e.g.: x thing doesn’t work”) really helps with the development process as obviously I don’t have every piece of hardware out there, so sometimes things work fine on my machine but perhaps not on someone else’s.

But for now, here is a screenshot of Simplicity 15.7 Netbook Alpha 64 Bit Edition running the 4.0.0 kernel, although we may update this to the 4.0.2 kernel, which our very rough version of X 15.7 currently has.


Simplicity Linux 15.4 is now available to download!

Simplicity Linux 15.4 is now available for download in Netbook and Desktop editions, both available in 32 and 64 bit versions.  It is based on the excellent LXPup and uses their implementation of LXDE as the desktop environment.  The 32 bit kernel is the 3.14.20 kernel and the 64 bit kernel is the 3.17.20 kernel.  As usual, our Netbook Edition is lighter, with shortcuts to web apps rather than locally installed applications.  Desktop is our heavier version, with bigger, locally installed apps like VLC and LibreOffice.  We hope you enjoy using Simplicity Linux as much as we enjoyed working on it.

Netbook 32 Bit: 3.14.20 Kernel
MD5: c66e09d43cc902842c5cd3f9c2276129
Chrome, Tor Browser, shortcuts on the wbar dock for Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Grooveshark, Rock

Netbook 64 Bit: 3.17.4 Kernel
MD5: 93e73884012b2302cc39d201fba3866a
Chrome, TOR Browser, shortcuts on the wbar dock for Gmail, Grooveshark, Kindle, Netflix, Rock

Desktop 32 Bit: 3.14.20 Kernel
MD5: cb9517f9d50c7377228f9b3e07dcce7b
Chrome, TOR Browser, Full LibreOffice, Netflix, Clementine, VLC, Thunderbird

Desktop 64 Bit: 3.17.4
MD5: 51c73fd05f9154309433d6706e99cdca
Chrome, TOR Browser, Netflix, Full LibreOffice

Simplicity Linux 15.4 Betas now available for download!

We are pleased to announce that Simplicity Linux 15.4 Beta is now available to download.  We are releasing Netbook and Desktop betas, both available for the first time in 32 bit or 64 bit editions.  We’re basing these on LXPup and LXPup64, because it is an excellent distro with a really good implementation of LXDE.

As usual, Netbook is a more cloud app based Linux distro, and comes with the latest TOR Browser if you want to browse securely or Chrome if you want a less secure browser.  We’ve included shortcuts to Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Google Docs, Dropbox, and Grooveshark, as well as including a virtual assistant app.
32 bit download
64 bit download

Desktop is our more heavyweight edition, and comes with the latest TOR Browser, the desktop version of Dropbox, Chrome, and the full LibreOffice suite as well as a host of other apps.
32 bit download
64 bit download

We really hope you enjoy using this distro, and you can expect the finished version to be available at the end of April.

Simplicity Linux 15.4 Alpha is now available

Simplicity Linux 15.4 Alpha is now available for download.  This release cycle marks the start of a new chapter for Simplicity: You can now get our releases in 32 or 64 bit versions.  The 32 bit version is based on the superb Puppex, and the 64 bit version is based on LXPup64, a distro we have admired for a long time.  At the moment there is no alpha release for the 64 bit Desktop Simplicity Linux because we’ve been having a few issues with it.  However, there will be a 64 bit Desktop edition for the beta releases.

It should also be noted that these alpha releases are very rough and ready.  Things will change between these releases and the beta releases.  Some features aren’t available in the 64 bit versions which are available in the 32 bit version.

As usual, Netbook is aimed more at cloud apps rather than local apps.  It’s designed for people who have an internet connection everywhere, but maybe don’t have the storage space to keep everything on the device.
32 Bit: 456mb (MD5: da265a18a4f4d311c8c7c53691e0bce6)
64 Bit: 383mb (MD5: 8da6487f93b7a153ea89b470ea66ea80)

Desktop is our heavy duty release which contains lots of local apps.  It is designed to be a more fully featured release than the lightweight Netbook edition, and as such features apps like Thunderbird, LibreOffice and Dropbox rather than web based applications.
32 Bit: 676mb (MD5: d240517a82744528ad02611d6e4bc235)

We hope you enjoy using it, and at the end of March we will release the beta version of Simplicity 15.4.