A review of Simplicity Linux 13.7 by Yonn Lopez

For those interested, there is now a review of Simplicity Linux 13.7 Desktop available on YouTube.  You can see it right here:


I personally liked this review, because I thought he was fair and even handed.  We know Gslapt has problems, but we did also use it to install a fair bit of the software used in Simplicity 13.7.  Simplicity Linux 13.10 will be using different, and hopefully more stable repos.  Plus we are looking into how Gslapt handles dependencies because we think that can probably be improved too.

10 thoughts on “A review of Simplicity Linux 13.7 by Yonn Lopez

    • We thought about using deltas, but for new users they can be confusing. Most people are comfortable burning an ISO to a CD or putting it on a USB key.

  1. Just wanted to know why are there about 3 to 4 terminals?
    Good distro, small size, runs on ram, in all like I said very good.

    • There are a few terminals because different people like different things. I personally don’t like a really cut down terminal, but some do. My preference is LXTerminal in LXDE, but I know some people like a really stripped back terminal. Hope that helps.

  2. Another review was given by Mary on Sunday Morning Linux Review, no 94.

    She liked it but just had an issue to two with persistence following a full install and wireless networking. But she was quite impressed, especially considering it comes with Libre Office and Skype pre-installed.

    Looking forward to giving 13.10 a go when it’s released.

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