Simplicity Linux 15.4 Alpha is now available

Simplicity Linux 15.4 Alpha is now available for download.  This release cycle marks the start of a new chapter for Simplicity: You can now get our releases in 32 or 64 bit versions.  The 32 bit version is based on the superb Puppex, and the 64 bit version is based on LXPup64, a distro we have admired for a long time.  At the moment there is no alpha release for the 64 bit Desktop Simplicity Linux because we’ve been having a few issues with it.  However, there will be a 64 bit Desktop edition for the beta releases.

It should also be noted that these alpha releases are very rough and ready.  Things will change between these releases and the beta releases.  Some features aren’t available in the 64 bit versions which are available in the 32 bit version.

As usual, Netbook is aimed more at cloud apps rather than local apps.  It’s designed for people who have an internet connection everywhere, but maybe don’t have the storage space to keep everything on the device.
32 Bit: 456mb (MD5: da265a18a4f4d311c8c7c53691e0bce6)
64 Bit: 383mb (MD5: 8da6487f93b7a153ea89b470ea66ea80)

Desktop is our heavy duty release which contains lots of local apps.  It is designed to be a more fully featured release than the lightweight Netbook edition, and as such features apps like Thunderbird, LibreOffice and Dropbox rather than web based applications.
32 Bit: 676mb (MD5: d240517a82744528ad02611d6e4bc235)

We hope you enjoy using it, and at the end of March we will release the beta version of Simplicity 15.4.

11 Responses to “Simplicity Linux 15.4 Alpha is now available”

  1. LxPufan says:

    Thanks! I can’t wait for the 64-bit desktop to enjoy in my every day use 🙂 I love desk distros.

  2. the cool distro i love…

    just wait the stable one 🙂

  3. dude says:

    puppy should make a clean hard cut and support F2FS as the main fs for thumbdrive media it runs from. flash weardown does matter !

  4. SkinnerBX says:

    Can the 15.4 desktop be installed? I burned CD but it has no options for install. Would really like to use Simplicity as my main OS, especially for Chrome.

    • simplicity says:

      You could but 15.4 is not a stable release right now. At the end of next month will be putting out our stable version of Simplicity 15.4. Hope that helps a little.

  5. Justinian says:

    1. unable to join the Sourceforge forum so I’m back here.

    2. It is indicated in the main page that only 14.7 is considered stable. There are a few minor problems with Desktop 15.1 which I have installed on a 2005 Centrino Pentium M laptop (dual boot with XP) which I’m looking forward to erasing with 15.4 if not 15.7. First is the toughest because all prior Simplicity versions could not recognize SoundMAX. Second is the inconsistent recollection of touchpad tapping after shutting. Third is the bottom dock which is enclosed in a box until relaunched. Hoping Puppex resolves all those.

  6. Justinian says:

    Very pleased to report that Netbook alpha live flash trial ran as smoothly as Desktop 15.1 had with one exception. Touchpad tapping worked right off (though still no SoundMAX audio). But sad about Google getting too much love. VLC 2.1.4 popping to play mp3 was a surprise since the menu did not list it. Very likely to install 15.4 when done.

    • simplicity says:

      I’m looking into other web based apps so it’s not quite so Google-centric. The problem being that two other big alternatives out there for web based office software are Microsoft or Apple, which I don’t think are any better than Google. But thank you for the feedback, it’s always appriciated.

  7. Tyler Allen says:

    If only it was based on BSD and had EFI support…. to bad!

  8. cantor says:

    I use Simplicity that has Wine. So I expect you would be integrating Wine in forthcoming distros as a rule to make it universal. This lets me use Windows apps & I no longer use Windows OS.


  9. Perdido says:

    Simplicity or Desktop still cannot use the hardware buttons from Dell 6510 or 6420.
    When playing videos, this forces the user to use the mouse for volume, mute, advance or reverse play.
    The best efficiency of these Linux distros would be to allow the hardware buttons to work; like the volume up/down, mute/unmute, right arrow to forward play back 5 secs., left arrow to reverse the playback, etc.
    To rely only on the mouse is not efficient and does not give the user other options.

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