A fix for non booting 15.7 Desktop 64 bit Edition

Updated: We have fixed this issue, you can now downloading Desktop 64 bit here.

So, we screwed up and missed menu files from Desktop 64 bit.  We’re really sorry about this!  We’ve fixed the issue now and are uploading a new ISO as I type this.  However, for those who have downloaded the broken image and don’t want to download a whole new ISO, there is a fix; courtesy of our amazing user James Johnson.

If you type lxpup into the prompt which comes up, Simplicity Desktop 64 Bit Edition will boot just fine.

Again, sorry to the people who downloaded 64 Bit Desktop and found nothing but a blinking terminal prompt!


8 Responses to “A fix for non booting 15.7 Desktop 64 bit Edition”

  1. Al says:

    Downloaded from this link then made a USB using Mint USB Image Writer. When I try to boot from the USB the USB is ignored and the normal boot screen appears. (Downloaded and tried 3 times.) Am I doing something wrong?

    • simplicity says:

      Have you tried using making the USB key with unetbootin? This is what we’ve always done and don’t appear to have many issues with it. Hope this helps you out!

  2. Zoltan says:

    1) I have downloaded and burned the 64bit version to a CD. I wanted to try on a older computer with an AMD Athlon XP cpu. The system did not started, giving an error message that the ..sfs file is missing (although it was there on the CD).

    2) I tried to load on a different PC with i7 2600K cpu. The boot did not started, for soe reason the system was not loaded from the CD (the boot priority was set right in BIOS). Btw, the pc has got an LG blue ray DVD writer.

    3) I tried to load it on two other computers (one with AMD apu other with FX cpu, both with LG DVD-writer). Both were booting up and working fine….

    4) I burned the iso file on USB stick and tried to load into the PC with i7 cpu. Did not load, it was missing the sfs file.
    I tried again but this time I had tow media CD and the USB stick. The PC loaded from the USB and find the sfs on the CD :-). The system started up. At exit, I have saved the system file on the USB stick but during boot (only with stick and without CD) it was missing the sfs file…

    Although on some computers the system is starting up , the story with the i7 PC makes me to believe there is some bug…What is your opinion?


    • simplicity says:

      Definitely sounds like a bug, we will look into this for the beta release. Thanks for this feedback, it has been immensely helpful in diagnosing what the problem may be.

  3. Sadegh says:

    Hi ,

    Can I use Simlicitylinux 15.7 in full Dutch ? Yes ? How ?


    • Fernando L. says:

      (Dated 2013. For individual applications translation, shoud look for .NLS files on the net)
      What I wil be saying works for many languages; I’m not quite sure about dutch.. Dutch language, unfortunatelly, is not well supported. ‘Simplicity Linux’ is not, never, completely translated in different languages than English; you should try, with jwm desktop, the original Puppy Tahrpup 6.0.2 CE, that uses Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr packages, with Linux kernel version is 3.14.20. First of all, at the begining, setup your system, selecting your country, keyboard, time, etc. Then, after internet connected, open Puppy Package Manager (PPM), type ‘dutch’ and choose everything that might interest you – langpack base dutch, libreoffice base and help in NL language, dictionary and so on… Then, if you did find (this site allows you to download a dutch langpack pet – http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/pet_packages-noarch/ ) and downloaded a pet dutch langapack file, apply it to the system and discover by yourself what happened. (For the moment, I don’t have Puppy Linux installed; so I cannot try it for you, Anyway, once you don’t have to install anything but try those solutions with a usb pen, it is not complicated.). – Good luck.

  4. albert says:


    I have a problem in Netbook 15.7 with upgrading the browser.

    Tor starts up, but then advises that it is out of date, and a pop-up window requests that I download the latest version. Once downloaded, it does not over-ride the older edition supplied.

    In addition, when the system is rebooted, the link to Tor in the Wbar then freezes the cursor, and the system needs to shut down.

    I have Puppy Tahr on a USB also, and this updates the browser without issue in the save file. In Simplicity this does not happen.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is this a system error? Any advice gratefully received.

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