SourceForge next week and OggCamp 15 this weekend!

So, whilst travelling to OggCamp 15, I got an e-mail from SourceForge informing me that Simplicity Linux is going to be a featured project of the week next week.  I wanted to give a massive thank you to all the people who downloaded Simplicity over the last week, you are all awesome!  The project of the week announcement blew me away, but so did the download stats.  6500 in one day.  Again, thanks to everyone who downloaded Simplicity, it’s seeing people use it and seeing feedback in the comment section which drives me to keep working on Simplicity.

And as I skimmed over earlier, I am at OggCamp 15 this weekend, so if you see a fat, scruffy guy with a goatee and a Simplicity Linux t-shirt on and you fancy a chat, come over and talk.  I don’t bite and I love talking technology with like minded people.  And if you have no idea what an OggCamp is, it’s a 2 day unconference in Liverpool where Open Source and Linux geeks can hang out, talk to like minded folks, attend talks, do talks, and go to workshops to build robots.  And they have a Nerf firing range this year.  And a free party this evening.  If you’re in the UK, have even the faintest interest in Linux, and have some free time, you should come!

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