Simplicity Linux is 7 today!

Okay, so the latest ISO images are currently uploading and I will post links for it tomorrow (or you can download today if you know where to look!).  I know I have been terrible at posting ISOs over the last few months (i.e.: no Alphas or Betas), but this is because I’ve had a few family and personal issues to deal with, and my mind hasn’t quite been in the right place to do as much work on Simplicity as I would want.  However, I’ve done plenty of catching up in January and I am relatively happy with the 16.01 ISOs.  Although I expect 16.04 to be much better.

But this isn’t why I am posting for the first time since October.  No.  The reason I am posting for the first time in a long time is that Simplicity Linux is 7 today.  On January 30th 2009, the first Simplicity Linux 9.04 Alpha was released.  And to celebrate, we have something a little bit special to announce, but that will be tomorrow!  I don’t like being cryptic, but unfortunately, needs must!  And I think it will be worth it.

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