Simplicity Linux 16.04 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Simplicity Linux 16.04. Due to a hard disk failure on our production machine, it has been released a little later than we would have liked. As with recent versions of Simplicity, it is based on the excellent LXPup and uses LXDE as the desktop environment. Mini and Desktop come with the 4.0.4 kernel, and X comes with the 4.4.5 kernel.

As with our previous releases, Mini (Previously Simplicity Linux Netbook Edition) is our heavily cut down version. It comes with Flash preinstalled, the latest version of Firefox, and web versions of Spotify, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Docs and many other applications. Desktop is our fully featured distribution, based on the same base as Mini but rather than web based applications; it comes loaded with Flash, Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, GIMP, and Mplayer.

Also in this release, you can test our most experimental version of Simplicity Linux to date, X 16.04 dubbed as NX. This version comes with a warning as it is still in the very early stages of development. It comes with the 4.4.5 kernel, but it is an x32 64-bit kernel. NX has successfully booted on a 64-bit virtual machine and we were quite pleased with the results, although we have not yet tested it on a physical machine. X should not be considered finished or complete. However it is a sneak peek at a direction Simplicity Linux may move towards in the future, and we’d love for our users to try it out and let us know what you think.

You can download these versions of Simplicity Linux from the following links:

Mini 16.04 (32 bit only): (MD5: 5e3072888cab14e31ef0bd7be6a6be69)

Desktop 16.04 (32 bit only): (MD5: d4cab7b94ee991913eeace3e84aaa7a5)

X 16.04 (64 bit only): (MD5: d536a876b455bbcd77f4b927f945b5c5)

15 Responses to “Simplicity Linux 16.04 Released”

  1. […] “Due to a hard disk failure on our production machine, it has been released a little later than we would have liked. As with recent versions of Simplicity, it is based on the excellent LXPup and uses LXDE as the desktop environment,” reads the announcement. […]

  2. Rodney Byne says:

    A nice program which seems to work well.
    I notice the initial splash screen logo16 just says LxPup.
    To display this program’s correct identity to the world,
    in my case shouldn’t it show instead Simplicity Mini 16.04 based on LxPup?

    There may be a good reason for this, but assuming the program is updated
    and upgraded from 2015 levels, shouldn’t the 15.06.sfs file at least be bumped
    up to show 16.04.sfs, otherwise it looks as if it’s stuck in a time warp?

    Can I tweak a setting to make it “snappier” instead of “sliding” in and out
    when clicking to change anything?

    No need to tick the notify buttons below as I will check this site regularly.

    Thanks & best regards.

  3. The links at the top right are still 16.01 and the “about our releases” page doesn’t mention mini yet 🙂

    Looking forward to test!

  4. […] Linux project, a Puppy-based distribution, has announced the launch of a new stable release Simplicity Linux 16.04 on May 02, 2016. It has been released bit later as per the schedule Due to a hard disk failure on […]

  5. ccxex29 says:

    Hi, i have tried the X version of simplicity Linux on physical machine. It performs really well for me 🙂

    Btw, how do i control or disable effects and compositions? Thanks

    • simplicity says:

      If you want to disable the compositions, you could either end the task using lxtask and killing the compton task. Or you could uninstall compton to permanently disable the compositions. Hope this helps!

  6. jd says:

    What about this release relates to 16.04.? Superficially, it appears to be an oldish lxpup (15.06), somewhat old versions of libreoffice 5 (5.1 series is out) and an early 4.0 kernel. Appears to have been released in 16.05 and not bear too much relationship to ubuntu 16.04 lts.

  7. sd says:

    All this is, is just another Ubuntu rehash… pass…

    • simplicity says:

      It’s based on Puppy Linux, not Ubuntu. We just borrowed their version naming system because it makes it easy to see which version is which, and when it was released.

  8. Andy R says:

    great work, thankyou – I’m testing 16.04 Mini on a Vista-era X300 ThinkPad (specs below). Long-term Puppy user, but still a novice, I’ve found the Mini snappy and familiar, and very functional but with some quibbles during my testing:
    1) In wbar, the edit icon goes nowhere. It’s looking for defaulttexteditor which returns an error when tested in the terminal.
    2) Right-clicking the downloads>open containing folder> in Firefox starts up dir2pet-wrapper in a console. I don’t have the nous to know how to repair the pointing issues here.
    3) Why is Firefox in a firefox-38.3.0 folder? Is there potential for some confusion by the user, given v46.01 is actually shipped on board? Same goes with the other cosmetic issue reported earlier, with the LxPup 15.06 distribution flagged throughout, and out of date (?)
    and finally 4) How about a lightweight word processor for offline use? I thought something like Focuswriter 1.5.5 (or even v1.4.3) could be useful, given you have already the Qt and Hunspell dependencies on board. However, my attempts to get any deb (see, pet from the Murga Puppy forum etc have not been successful in getting it working in Simplicity Mini 16.04. Would you consider including it or a similar alternative (even Osmo notes) for offline processing – or will LeafPad do?

    Thanks for efforts here,
    Best Wishes 🙂

    -Computer Specs-
    Processor : 2x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU L7100 @ 1.20GHz
    Memory : 4066MB (722MB used)
    Machine Type : Physical machine
    Operating System : LxPup – 15.06
    User Name : root (root)
    Date/Time : Sun 29 May 2016 12:07:06 PM EST
    Resolution : 1440×900 pixels

  9. Justinian says:

    Installed mini 16.04 on a usb2 flash stick from a live CD. Surprised that boot and operation are faster than when the old IDE hard drive on the Centrino laptop was still working. Only 300 mb of space is used and with 1 gb of ddr2 Firefox satisfies. One problem is failure to retain touchpad settings which happened with a few past Simplicity releases. This one is a keeper.

  10. user says:

    I am using the v.16.04 64 bits (mostly wine at the moment) and works fine, just as always I miss midnight commander.

    Apparently NTSF (first time I am using it with Puppy) may be not the most advisable formatting for the media Puppy is destined to sit on.

  11. Rajiv says:

    Desktop 16.04 (32) works fine. i miss google chrome and vlc player, i tried many links for installation but nothing works. PPM installed program also does not work please give links for installation

  12. Rodney says:

    From the PPM I downloaded Wine 1.7.9 which installed ok.
    However apart from Wine config which did produce a configure gui,
    no other main program guis were created anywhere in Menu.
    What am I missing to achieve this?

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