Simplicity Linux needs you!

We are proud to share with all of you that we are one of the projects nominated for SourceForge‘s “Community Choice” Project of the Month. We are so humbled to be included on this list, Simplicity Linux wouldn’t be where it is without their support. 

If you are active in SourceForge and would like to vote for us to become Project of the Month, follow the link below and let your voice be heard!

Vote for Simplicity Linux here!

Read more about the projects nominated!

To vote, you will need to have/create an account with SourceForge and leave a comment on this post in the following format – > VOTE: simplicitylinux

5 Responses to “Simplicity Linux needs you!”

  1. T. G. Sari says:

    Registered and voted 🙂

  2. Ben says:

    I am curious as to why the Simplicity website says it is based on Puppy Linux, but the latest ISO files (for 16.10) are clearly based on antiX-beta? In fact, the new 16.10 files are almost identical to the latest antiX beta. Is this an undocumented change?

    • simplicity says:

      Yes, we’ve moved from Puppy Linux to AntiX since releasing X 16.07 which was based on AntiX as well. We’ve done this because we think that basing Simplicity Linux on a lightweight Debian base will allow us to produce a better distro. Hope this clears things up!

      • Justinian says:

        Wishing your next release to be successful. The last four iso files I tested would not load on the Centrino and Kabini units that are still functional on usb-Simplicity16.4.

  3. jmgomez_f says:

    Switching to AntiX for the 64 bit version is an excellent idea but the 32 bit version should stick to Puppy simply because Puppy is excellent when it comes to old PC’s and netbooks.

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